Double Virtual

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After slightly elevated mileages for the puppies over the past few days, I went easy on them this morning and only dragged them out for just over a mile each.

In the afternoon, once work was finished, and not wanting to venture outside again, I dragged out the treadmill and laptop for another virtual session.

I had been telling my mother about Zwift and told her which cities could be explored. When I got to Innsbruck, she said “Oh, do Innsbruck – I went there once and it was very nice!”

Before starting the Zwift app proper, I ran another app called Zwift Prefs which allows you to set certain parameters that cannot be set from the main app, most notably picking the city. The main app only gives you three choices.

I could walk any distance but I noticed that there was a ready made route of 5.5 miles called Innsbruckring which seemed ideal. I picked that route and dialled in a target distance of 5.5 miles; started the treadmill and app and I was away.

Not being one of the regular selection of places, Innsbruck was very quiet but I was still passed by a lot of cyclists. The miles ticked away as I looked at the buildings and statues of this Tyrollean city. I even noticed a funicular railway around mile five.

So here’s the setup.

Treadmill – ancient with a slipping belt and non too accurate readout.

Laptop (on top of fishtank) running Zwift connected, via HDMI, to

Big TV – even bigger when only a couple of feet away.

Around the lightbulb is a ceiling fan blowing oodles of cool air down on me.

Also, I have a Zwift Runpod on one of my shoes which sends speed and cadence info to the Zwift app on the laptop.

So, I did a couple of miles this morning with the dogs and another five and a half in a virtual Innsbruck. These miles go towards my virtual walk along Route 66. Basically I’m doing a virtual walk inside a virtual walk hence this post’s title of Double Virtual. Could just as well have called it Matrix – The Walk.

TOTALS for 2021
TODAY’S MILEAGE   7.8 miles
ANNUAL MILEAGE   124.0 miles
#WALK 1000 REMAINING   876 miles
ROUTE 66 REMAINING   2154 miles