Ton Up

Fifteenth of January and my annual total has just tipped over the hundred mile mark. One tenth of my #Walk 1000 miles challenge and one hundred miles nearer to the Pacific Coast.

On the right, is a Street View snap of where I am on my virtual Route 66 walk. The nearby Interstate I55 takes most of the traffic these days leaving the old Route66 to fall into some disrepair – looks like a typical UK road with all the cracks and pot-holes.

I was out early this morning doing the usual two miles per dog, pre-breakfast, walks. I may wheel out the treadmill later for another three or four miles – perhaps.

Tomorrow, I have twenty two miles pencilled in. I could do the Water Orton loop with each dog then continue on my own for another sixteen, perhaps following a route something like this …

… keeping local. At no time would I be more than three miles from home (as the proverbial crow flies).