Dog Walk Bonus

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Some kind soul posted this on to one of my Facebook groups today …

I checked the source and it part of the website.

I was pondering this a couple of days back and wondering if I could, legally at least, walk the dogs and then go off on my own for MY exercise. Well, according to Her Majesty’s Government – yes it is.

Now let me justify my position. I usually walk the dogs between 06:00 and 08:00 when the streets are still generally deserted – so quiet that I can usually let the dogs run free for part of the walk, at least.

When I go off walkies, it’s often straight after my dog walks or in an evening. The streets are again quiet and my walks often take me into the countryside where I see very few people. I keep my distance when meeting others out for their constitutionals. All in all, I reckon I am at little risk of giving or receiving a dose of the dreaded virus.