Y 100 Sir Fynwy 2

I was just checking to see if my only event for the year, A Coventry Way, would actually be taking place in April (it is – at the moment) when I though about the LDWA Hundred.

The LDWA Hundred is the flagship event of the Long Distance Walking Association. Last year because of the Covid lockdown restrictions the event was held virtually.

I took part last year and had a really enjoyable weekend spent between dog walking, solo walking and a few stints on the treadmill. I managed to complete my first and so far only hundred in thirty four hours and thirty six minutes.

Anyway, because of the uncertainty over covid, the LDWA has decided to go virtual again in 2021. As the LDWA website states …

The 2020 event was very much created on the fly at short notice but thad a great atmosphere with it’s own Facebook page and even virtual qualification, kit check etc. So far the 2021 event looks a lot more official but will it still be as much fun ?

The route guidelines suggest walking either the route of a previous LDWA hundred or a hundred mile section of a long distance walk. At present, the covid restrictions say that you should only exercise locally. In the news this week, two women in Derbyshire were fined £200 for travelling FIVE miles to go for a walk so perhaps walking part of the Pennine Way would be out of the question. Of course, by May, the rules should hopefully have been relaxed somewhat.

On the plus side, successful completion of this virtual hundred (or at least fifty miles of it within twenty four hours) will count as a qualifier for next year’s (hopefully) real hundred.

Of course, I’ve signed up.