Weekly Roundup

Another week in lockdown although technically we were ‘only’ in tier 3 until Wednesday. The rules now dictate that we are only allowed to have one period of exercise per day (as per Lockdown 1). The restrictions also allow time out to exercise animals so that’s the dog walks covered.

The Route 66 Challenge is coming along nicely and I’m already up to seventy six miles so that’s an average of 7.6 miles per day – just over the required average of 6.24 meaning that, at this rate, I’ll be in LA before the end of the year.

I’ve received my second postcard after covering seventy miles.

I’ve splashed out on some new gear, namely some new Hoka shoes and a Rab base T-shirt. I’ve already got a few miles wear out of the shoes and the top should be arriving tomorrow.

Back to the Route 66 thing, to cover the 2,278 miles in 2021, I need to cover …

2278 / 365 = 6.24 per day
6.24 x 7 = 43.69 per week

My current, incomplete, master plan averages 44.4 per week so that’s okay. However, I don’t have miles planned for every day as I have to walk the puppies every day and I haven’t accounted for that. I think that I’ll have to have a look at the master plan and re-draw it with miles for every day – watch this space.

Adding in either two but usually four miles each day for the dogs and leaving the rest as is takes my weekly average up to fifty one miles. This does include a hefty forty miler penciled in for a Coventry Way should it go ahead in April.