Long Time – Long Walk

Trying to keep up the momentum, I had a planned eighteen miles to cover today. I had already done extra mileage earlier in the week so could afford to drop a few miles today.

Early on, I walked the puppies for a total of four miles before returning home. After dropping the other half at work, I did a quick run around Morissons for Mother.

Back home, I changed into my walking gear and was soon back out of the door and into a cold foggy morning.

I made my way up to Bacons End before heading towards Coleshill. A little before Coleshill there in an abandoned hotel which has been purchased by HS2. There was a fire engine parked here so I assume that they were using the building for training.

Turning left at the Coleshill roundabout, I made my way down to the next roundabout with another left turn towards Gilson. Gilson lead to Water Orton and then up the hill on Attleboro Lane returning to a place that I had been about an hour and a half earlier. I was on lap two.

My left foot was aching a bit (or perhaps more than a bit. I get a similar pain sometime after extended period of driving. I think that it’s extensor tendonitis, an inflammation of the tendon running across the top of the foot and responsible for moving the toes.

I did a few foot stretches and wriggled my toes a bit and the pain seemed to subside a little. I pressed on.

I repeated my earlier route back to Coleshill and Gilson and ultimately to Water Orton. The foot felt a lot better and the fog lifted given the occasional glimpse of the sun.

I arrive back home after thirteen miles (for a daily total of seventeen) after around three hours.

One thing that I did notice, during my walk, was the number of, let’s say, middle aged couple out walking – a lot more than usual.

So, all in, today, I managed seventeen miles, the longest that I’ve walked for a while. I knew that I had walked more than usual and my legs and feet felt tired.