Crisp Morning

Sorry, not that kind of crisp !

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The snow had started falling last night and I was expecting a fair old covering this morning.

Unfortunately, a lot of it had melted as Misty and I crossed the front door threshold for our morning stroll.

Luckily, there were a few patches of virgin snow upon which we left our mark (Misty’s are on the right!)

As can be seen, my prints show a full tread pattern – that’s because I was wearing my new shoes which I haven’t worn out yet. Many of my older pairs would just leave a solid foot shaped imprint.

Not to be left out, I repeated the exercise with Gabby.

With the four miles covered this morning, my Route 66 total now stands at fifty five miles, which puts me just south of the Windy City.

During my first week on the road, I passed on the other side of the river to Joliet prison where Jake Blues was incarcerated.

There was another Blues Brothers film moment when I passed by the suburb of Elwood.

My master plan calls for eighteen miles tomorrow but I have put in a fair few extra miles this week so may cut that down a little.

Doggie walks in the morning should give me four miles then I may do two laps of a circular walk to Coleshill, Gilson and Water Orton giving me another twelve – close enough.

Out on the (virtual) road, tomorrow’s highlight include …

  • Crossing the Kankakee River
  • The Illinois Mining Museum and
  • A stint alongside Interstate 55