Thirty Five Miles In

  Route 66 Update    

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As part of the package, my Route 66 challenge send me virtual postcards as various milestones along my walk to LA. Today, I received the first for covering thirty five miles. I am ahead of my required mileage of six and a bit miles a day but I need to keep that up all year !


I got out early taking each dog in turn. First out of the gate was Misty for a short mile and a bit. It was dry but cold when we set off but it soon started to snow with some big chunks mixed in.

I swapped dogs then Gabby and I repeated the route arriving home, looking very wintery, in time for breakfast.

In the afternoon, post work, I took off on my own heading towards Kingshurst where I gained the Kingfisher Walk alongside the River Cole. I followed the river for a mile and a half to Shard End from where I made my way to Castle Bromwich meeting the other half from work and clocking up another 5.2 miles.

TOTALS for 2021
TODAY’S MILEAGE   7.8 miles
ANNUAL MILEAGE   45.2 miles
#WALK 1000 REMAINING   954.8 miles
ROUTE 66 REMAINING   2232.8 miles