New Shoes

I have been very restrained for the last few months and resisted the urge to buy any new gear.

I did splash out on a pair of cheap walking shoes last year bu that’s about all I’ve bought.

I have worn (out) my old shoes – a mix of Salomon and Hoka but most of these are now more holes than shoes and with less tread than a formula one racing slick.

Hoping to kick start my walking, I decided to splash out on a new pair of shoes.

I have had a few pairs of Hoka One One shoes in the past and I love the cushioning and fit so after a quick trawl around t’interweb I decided on another pair of Challenger ATR5s.

After a few day’s wait, my friendly Hermes courier dropped off my new shoes.

I’ve got a five-miler planned for this afternoon so I’ll give ’em a test drive.

Occasionally, with new shoes, I get a blister on one of my heels so we’ll have to see how these go.