Route 66

With the plague still upon us, I decided that I needed something a bit more challenging for 2021.

For the past few years I have taken part in the Country Walking #Walk1000 miles challenge where the plan is to walk one thousand miles in the year.

Trawling around the internet I came across End to End who have a number of virtual events from the 268 mile Pennine Way all the way up to Route 66 and a whopping 2,278 miles.

A quick calculation …

         2,278 / 365  =  6.24 miles per day

I did manage to cover nearly two thousand miles in 2020 (it should have been more but I sort of lost interest half way through) so 2,278 should be possible.

I signed up and paid my £35. For this, as well as the organisation, I shall get a T shirt and medal on completion. I can chart my progress on a map …

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