The End of Endomondo

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Endomondo was created in 2007 as a sports activity tracker. In 2015, Endomondo was acquired by Under Armour (UA) at which time over twenty million subscribers were using the platform.

Probably because UA had a number of it’s own fitness trackers, notably the Mapmy whatever your sport is and Mapmyfitness, there was no need to continue support for Endomondo. The platform became more and more flaky become unusable for days at a time.

Towards the end of last year, Endomondo announced that it was retiring at the end of the year. All data (and I have over ten years worth) will be deleted at the end of March 2021.

Luckily (hopefully) all my data is duplicated on other platforms, primarily Garmin Connect and Strava.

There was an option do get all the data from Endomondo but, even though I fitled out the form, have never received them. The link on the Endomondo website is no longer working!

Going forward, I aim to use Garmin Connect as my main platform as this is where my activities are initially gathered with this account being synchronised with Strava (which supports embedding into WordPress).