Snow !

I had walked the dogs earlier in the day (4 miles) but took myself out for a longer walk to get the mileage up.

The walk started off easily enough with the ‘usual’ walk over the M6 and M42 link before I had to negotiate the muddy top end of attleboro Lane. This path used to be quite solid but after HS2 removed all of the tree cover it is often just a series of muddy puddle – just like this afternoon.

A light drizzle started and I was sure that there were a few wintery bits coming down but this soon stopped as I continued on towards Coleshill.

I did a little loop near to Coleshill Parkway station before continuing along Station Road towards the River Cole at the aptly named Cole End. From here I made my way to the main A446 which was crossed heading towards Gilson.

The shower had returned and the wintery bits were definitely present – big clumps of it at times.

Walking through Gilson I could not fail to notice the snazzy Christmas display on the side of one of the houses. I have seen this on past christmases but he’s had an upgrade this year.

The complete loop lasts for quite a while and there are different loops. The video doesn’t do it justice !

I re-entered Water Orton with the snow still coming down. I made my way to the playing fields then back to Attleboro Lane.

I walked up the hill back to the muddy puddles grabbing a shot of the barns at the top of the lane which looked particularly fetching in the snow.

The final stretch took me back over the motorways and back home.

It was quite refreshing walking int he snow and managing to grab a few wintery photos en route.

All in all, a distance of 7.3 miles was achieved – a bit closer to my #Walk1000 miles and a tad nearer to LA.