New Year

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After a bit of a tumultuous last twelve months, a new year dawns but will it be any better than the last one ?

I should think that 2020 will be remembered as the year of Covid as the disease spread across the globe. In an effort to slow the spread, various restriction were put into place. The first national lockdown came in March with only essential journeys from home allowed. This included a single daily exercise session although the usual urban myth machinery had most people believing that this could only last for one hour.

Most, if not all, mass participation events were outlawed including all challenge walks / runs. A number of organisers switch to making their events virtual meaning that those taking part did the distance on their own ‘course’ and logged their time. Certificates / medals were given to those who completed the distance.

The restrictions were eased in the summer but gathering of large numbers of walkers was still banned. Towards the end of the year, it looked as though the LDWA group walks could restart only for the lockdown, in all but name, to return.

A favourite walk of mine – A Coventry Way – was postponed and is, at present, pencilled in for April 2021. That’s the only thing on my calendar at the moment so I have scheduled my training to peak for that event. Obviously, if the Covid situation does not improved sufficiently, this may well be postponed again.

On a longer timescale, namely the entire year, I have the usual Country Walking #Walk1000 challenge.

Also, a bit more challenging, is the End to End Route 66 Challenge – a virtual walk along the famous US Route 66. When I signed up, I thought that the 2,278 miles had to be done in twelve months (around six miles a day) but I later discovered that the challenge lasts for a full twenty four months.
I have decided that as I signed up with the intention of completing the virtual across America walk within twelve months that’s what I will endeavour to do.