Miles & A Group Walk


Sorry Be-Bop fans but this entry is not about the jazz legend that is Miles Davis but about the miles that I’ve covered this year.

After a blistering start, Coronavirus struck and all the organised walks disappeared. With no set goal or goals to train for the training mileage went right down.

Luckily, having a couple of active dogs did mean that I was still clocking up some maintenance mileage.

The Virtual 100 challenges gave me a bit of incentive to push up the mileage and the Virtual Y 100 Sir Fynwy got me walking the one hundred miles over a weekend in May.

Compared with previous years, I haven’t fared too badly with only 2013 producing more miles.

  A Social Walk    

Reading my Strider magazine, I read an interesting article about LDWA group walks. The latest was posted on the LDWA website on the 30th and reads …

Following the easing of lockdown in England from the 02.12.20, which states that “organised adult sports can take place outdoors” in all 3 Tiers, we are pleased to announce that LDWA social walks can now resume in all areas in England. Walks are limited to 30 people. If there are more than 6 on the walk, then a risk assessment is required and up to 6 it is strongly recommended. The LDWA ‘Delivery Plan’ must be carried regardless of how many members are on the social walk in order to show any person in authority that the walk is being organised within the rules of the LDWA. The Delivery Plan can be carried either physically or electronically.

Whilst social walks can be organised in Tier 3 areas, it is recommended that members who live in a Tier 3 area do not leave their area to attend a social walk and conversely it is recommended that members who live in Tiers 1 and 2 do not enter a Tier 3 area to attend a social walk.

The easing of the national lockdown in England now means that Challenge Events might commence and LDWA event organisers are reminded that the LDWA Covid-19 challenge walk delivery plan must be adhered to.

So some kind of organised walking can take place. My local group of the LDWA, Heart of England, is listing a walk around the canals of Birmingham for the 2nd Jan and I have emailed the organiser to see if this will be taking place.