Miles & A Group Walk

Sorry Be-Bop fans but this entry is not about the jazz legend that is Miles Davis but about the miles that I’ve covered this year.

After a blistering start, Coronavirus struck and all the organised walks disappeared. With no set goal or goals to train for the training mileage went right down.

Luckily, having a couple of active dogs did mean that I was still clocking up some maintenance mileage.

The Virtual 100 challenges gave me a bit of incentive to push up the mileage and the Virtual Y 100 Sir Fynwy got me walking the one hundred miles over a weekend in May.

Compared with previous years, I haven’t fared too badly with only 2013 producing more miles.

Reading my Strider magazine, I read an interesting article about LDWA group walks. The latest was posted on the LDWA website on the 30th and reads …

So some kind of organised walking can take place. My local group of the LDWA, Heart of England, is listing a walk around the canals of Birmingham for the 2nd Jan and I have emailed the organiser to see if this will be taking place.