Crappy Day Walks

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Up around six as I had ten miles on my planner for today. I had to be done by nine-ish as my daughter was popping around to drop off my Birthday cards and pressies at that time.

First off, today, it was a circuit of Water Orton with Gabby in a very light drizzle. It was still dark as we crossed the M6 and M42 and splashed, by the light of my head torch, along the muddy track to Attleboro Lane and then onto Water Orton.

Back home just under an hour later, I quickly dried Gabby before hitching up Misty and proceeding back out the front door.

We repeated the same loop but in the opposite direction as the rain increased in severity. As we got back to the M42 / M6 crossings the view was very grey and dreary.

Misty needed a lot more drying off but once done, I was back out, this time alone for a further three and a half miles.

A walk to Bacon’s End and back brought my Birthday total to ten miles.

# WALK 1000 MILES in 2020

I’ve got six miles to walk tomorrow to give me a weekly total of thirty six miles and the furthest I walked since the beginning of October. Looking back at my walks that week in October was a bit of a fluke as the longest week before that was back in July.

Over the year, I have still managed to rack up over seventeen hundred miles and I should finish the year at around nineteen hundred miles.