Another One Bites the Dust

This event has been hanging on in the hope that the coronavirus situation would improve but, sadly, they have had to take the decision to cancel this year’s event.

I was to take part at the beginning of August as part of my build up to the RRR in October – assuming that event takes place.

A day or so ago, I received another email via SiEntries offering me three options …

I have decided to let it ride so that’s one event already booked for next year.

After the weekend, we had an easy day on Monday covering just 1.4 miles. It was just a local stroll but I was feeling brave and took the two dogs out together.

As you can see from the video, they aren’t too bad and are getting better every time that I take them out together.

Also, you may have noticed that they are on a lead splitter so I’ve only got one lead to hold.

When they get (a lot) better, I may chance clipping the one lead onto my belt for some hands-free two-doggy action !

Yesterday we managed 4.8 miles with a short two-dog walk in the evening.

And there’s the picture to prove it – Misty dog walking over the bridge to a misty Water Orton.

The Plan calls for seven miles today so a couple of Water Orton loops should get me well on my way.

Misty first, cutting the corner by Park Hall School for three and a bit then Gabby for a tad further – 6.6 in total leaving room for some of that two-dog action in the evening.

Here’s a photo of Gabby Out There !


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