Mini Update

Friday rolls around again with the promise of the weekend ahead of us.

This weekend, I have another virtual event on Saturday and a long walk to sort out for Sunday.

I received an email yesterday with final instructions for the Rebecca Johnson Memorial Virtual Race.

The basic premiss is to run / walk / scoot / bike (delete as applicable) a local 5k route and upload proof to the organisers.

On Sunday, there will be an on-line prize giving with metal medals awarded to the first three places in each age group. In our previous event, Gabby and I won a bronze medal for third place in the Male 60+ group.

I haven’t run for a few weeks so it may come as a shock to the system especially early on a Saturday morning. The forecast is for a cool start with rain arriving by nine, by which time we should be done.

All in all, I need to cover eleven miles tomorrow so with the 5k (three miles) plus warm up / cool down and a Misty walk, I’ll need another walk of around five miles.

Sunday, I need to devise a route of twenty two miles. Too far for the dogs but if I walk the dogs first that’ll knock, say, four miles off leaving around eighteen miles.

When I popped out last weekend for a longish walk along the canal, it was rather busy so I might be better off going early. But where to go ?

If I can get there early enough, Sutton Park could be a possible venue. Eighteen Miles equates to around four and a half hours and if I can get there before 08:00 should be finished around noon, hopefully before the crowds.

I’ve been messing with Google Sheets again and have produced an enhanced mileage widget which not only shows the total annual miles but also today’s, this week’s and last week’s mileages.

As before, all automatic, I just need to enter my daily mileage into the master spreadsheet and all the charts and widgets are updated.


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