Google Sheets

This post will be more of a techie geeky post than a walking post (walkie geeky post).

At the top of the sidebar on the right of the page, is a little widget that displays my annual mileage so far. Every day, I used to have to manually update this.

In fact, my workflow went something like this …

  • After my walk, get miles covered from either Garmin Connect or Endomondo (when it’s working!)
  • Add mileage to excel spreadsheet which would automatically update a graph showing my annual mileage.
  • Copy graph (example shown) then paste it onto the STATS page of this blog.
  • Update the miles walked widget and when I was doing the LDWA Coronavirus Challenge, update the miles for that as well.

As you will probably agree, A lot of faffing around every day.

Yesterday, I discovered a better way to achieve the same.

I found out that you can embed bits of Google’s on-line sheets into HTML files (which is basically all that Word Press is).

So, first off, I copied my excel spreadsheet into a new Google sheet. I lost most of the formatting but that was easily fixed.

From the data on the sheet, I generated a couple of graphs to show annual mileage for this year and annual mileage for the past seven years.

I also generated a table showing just this year’s total in numbers.

All much the same as before except that when I update the main spreadsheet (which is also embedded into the ‘THE PLAN’ page) all the graphs and tables also refresh with the new data.

All I have to do each day, now, is to update the Google sheet and everything else is taken care of.

I still have to update this manually, in today’s case, with a dog walk …


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