The Final Countdown

Following on from yesterday’s kit check, an email arrived on the virtual doormat this morning.

This particular communication was from the Y100SR team with final instructions ahead of tomorrow’s Hundred.

It gave details of the tracker on which each individual can log their progress.

The tracker goes live at 09:00 Saturday morning with the checkpoints opening throughout the two days of the event. The opening times will based on a walking speed of 4mph and should you try to present yourself too early you will be asked to come back later.

Until the event ‘closes’ at 22:00 on Saturday, I will be able to log into each checkpoint in real time.

If it all goes to plan, that should get me as far as CP5. Any mileage done after that cannot be logged until the event reopens at 10:00 Sunday.

On Sunday, I will be early for all the checkpoints, with the possible exception of CP14.

Of course, should I progress a little quicker than planned, perhaps by taking shorter breaks, I could possibly reach CP6 on Saturday night. However, come Sunday, I’ll be out of sync for all but the finish.

To keep an accurate record of my progress, I have devised a spreadsheet into which I can enter my distances walked and the times that I finish each stage, be it a walk or a rest.

I have set times for each activity and by entering the actual, as opposed to the proposed, times the projected times at each subsequent point will be calculated.

I have also made it fairly foolproof with entries only allowed in the green cells under the big green arrows. Should make it easier if I get a bit befuddled in the latter stages !

My virtual bit of South Wales is nearly all prepared – I just need to sort out some clothing.

As I have mentioned before, I shall be venturing outside for around forty five miles, walking a dog for some of that. The rest will be done on the treadmill whilst walking through another virtual landscape – the virtual world of Zwift.

It’s just struck me as a bit weird that I’m doing a virtual hundred mile walk around Wales whilst walking in another virtual London, Innsbruck or Harrogate.

Registration opened this afternoon so I now have my virtual tally all ready for the off tomorrow morning.


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