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Less than two days to go until the start of the Virtual & 100 Sir Fynwy.

Because of the expected mileage this coming weekend, I am not doing too much this week in the lead up ( it’s what we called tapering ).

Four miles on Monday, Five Tuesday, Four yesterday and a couple this morning.

Obviously only two miles (and the same tomorrow) will lower the average on the LDWA coronavirus 100 challenge but at 80.5 and ten days to go, I should be alright.

In preparation for the main event, today we had a kit check sprung upon us.

Each participant had to submit a photo of what they are taking with them. Nothing too serious so there are lots of photos of chocolate and booze.

For my kit check, I just took a picture of what used to be the home cinema until it became Team Kev race headquarters.

The kit checker noticed my description of FULL FAT on the Coke and decided that full fat = tasty and delicious, so I got my pass.

LDWA Coronavirus 100 Challenge
# WALK 1000 MILES in 2020

Tomorrow, it will be registration and final instructions, especially on using the tracker – I’ll have to make sure that the support crew pays attention !

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