Only Four More Sleeps

It’s Tuesday afternoon and only four sleeps away from the start of the Virtual Y 100 Sir Fynwy.

The ‘proper’ Y 100 Sir Fynwy was to have taken place this weekend with walkers trying to cover the one hundred miles over the Bank Holiday weekend. However, coronavirus has put paid to anything like that but the organisers have decided to make the event virtual.

Starting at 09:00 on Saturday morning, I am hoping to cover one hundred miles over the next two days using a mixture of real outdoor walks (some with a dog) and treadmill walking.

The event is being organised via a special facebook page where checkpoints will open by a post being entered and participants reply to that post as a way of ‘visiting’ each one. I’m not 100% sure but I think it’ll be up to each participant to log their miles at each checkpoint on a tracking site.

The tracker is all set up and I have my login. However, anyone can log in as a guest to track progress. The address of the tracker is and the event is top of the list, Y Sir Fynwy 2020.

Another famous event, The Fellsman, was recently held in a similar way and by all accounts was a great success.

I have thrown together a spreadsheet breaking the event down into legs equivalent to the original checkpoints with expected times for arrival and departure at each.

This is very much a rough guide, but I (or one of my extensive support team) can enter an actual time when I arrive or leave a checkpoint and all the subsequent time will adjust – cool or what ?

This will all work fine (for me) until the event closes at 22:00hrs on Saturday only to reopen on Sunday at 10:00.

Now I’m not planning on going through the night but am scheduled to reach checkpoint 6 after the official close at around 23:00.

I am then due to start walking again at around half five. The event will reopen when I am somewhere around CP9 at Pandy. Unless something is arranged I’ll have to log into some checkpoints at the ‘wrong’ times.

London LDWA - This week's walking with London LDWA - we're heading ...

The next thing to plan / worry about is food.

Drinks should be easy with squash at hand and a small stock of Coke, Monster, Isotonic drinks ready if needed.

I’ll need to make sure we have some bread rolls with ample supplies of marmalade, cheese and peanut butter.

Snack-wise, I’ve been trying to think what I usually dip my hand into. Jaffa Cakes are a favourite but they left me feeling rather nauseous in the later stages of the RAWW last year. Tunnocks wafers are a must along with some, if I can find them, vegetarian jelly babies / wine gums. Crisps / Cheesy biscuit might be an idea.

Proper meals will comprise of easy to munch stuff – I’ll probably make a stew / casserole on Friday along with some noodles. Perhaps a Shepherds Pie for Sunday?

My extensive support crew (the other half) can hopefully rustle something up to satisfy my wants.


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