One Thousand Miles

As you know, I have been taking part in Country Walking’s #Walk1000miles challenge. The object is to walk one thousand miles in the year.

I have taken this challenge for the past three years and as you can see, I failed miserably in 2018.

Last year (2019) though, I easily surpassed the thousand mile mark going on to walk 1712 miles. I walked my thousandth miles during a holiday in Dumfries on June 6th.

This year, I have bettered myself achieving the milestone nearly three weeks earlier.

Surprising, really, with a lockdown in place for the past eight weeks !

I’d got my total up to 996.3 miles after Sunday’s walk so had to clock the grand on Monday.

Monday morning came around and, as usual, Misty was the first dog to be walked.

Two miles down and another 1.7 to go.

Gabby and I took the same route and as we neared the target, I kept checking the watch.

As my accumulated distance for the day hit 3.7, I stopped for a thumbs up selfie. It’s a shame I don’t look happier but it was only seven o’clock !

I did record a couple of short videos to mark the occasion.

We continued home covering 4.1 miles. Here’s the stats …


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