Opening Up

On Sunday, our PM, Boris Johnson, announced, somewhat confusingly, that there would be some let up of the lockdown restrictions.

Apart from a very mixed message about getting back to work, he announced that the once a day limit to exercising would be relaxed from Wednesday (13th May).

From tomorrow, you can exercise outside as many times and for as long as you like as long as you stay away from other people (2m social distancing).

It was also announced that you could drive to a place of exercise.

Although the more relaxed restrictions don’t come in until tomorrow, there were traffic jams in the Lake District yesterday and I can see that repeated tomorrow, not just in the Lakes but at many tourist hotspots.

On a more personal note, it means that I can take the dogs to the water park or Sutton Park for their walkies.

I have fourteen miles to walk tomorrow and I’m considering walking to The Griffin (even though it is still closed), taking a glass and bottle of beer from my rucksack to enjoy under the gazebo before heading back home.

Not quite like the ‘old days’ but at least getting back to some semblance of normality.

The Griffin Inn - Birmingham

I’m not sure whether getting Sue to pick me up would count as an essential journey. Perhaps she could bring the dogs for a post pint walk around Shustoke? We’d have to take a flask of coffee so that Sue could also enjoy a drink at The Griffin !

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