The end for endomondo ?

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For the past ten years, I have been logging all my run and walks (and a few other activities) on endomondo. endomondo was one of the first tracking apps and I have grown accustomed to it’s layout and quirks.

However, over the last month or so, the site has become very flaky and often totally unresponsive. After a walk, I’d come in and expect to see that my workout had automatically made it’s way, via Garmin Connect, to endomondo from where I could peruse all my stats.

I also had an embed on this site showing my last few activities. All I seem to get these days is 504 Gateway Time Out.

I think that, perhaps, endomondo has had it’s day and that I need to move on.

Looking around for an alternative, I have noticed that, amongst other things, endomondo is not as well supported by other services making it difficult to transfer data between providers.

Why do I need to transfer data ? Let me explain …

My normal walk or run will be recorded on my Garmin watch. When the activivty is over, the watch will sync with my phone and the activity will be available on the Garmin Connect website. If I do a session on the treadmill using Zwift, those data will also be synced to Garmin Connect.

Now, in theory, all activities on Garmin Connect should sync to endomondo but they don’t always and the Zwift stuff never does – I have to download a file then manually upload it to endomondo.

So what are the alternatives ?

I suppose the main contenders are Garmin Connect, Strava and MapMyRun / Walk.

Strava is far too cycle orientated for my liking and I can’t even set walking as my main activity – cycle and run being the options.

For walking activities I can choose between Wlak and Hike (not sure of the difference). There is no Walking Treadmill option.

MapMyThing (there are separate interfaces for Run, Walk, Fitness but all use the same data) is from the same stable as endomondo (under armour) so I am a little hesitant to throw all me walking eggs into that basket – just in case.

However, a little digging indicates that these are from different developers.

If using the MapMyFitness site, the list of activities is massive. Walking-wise I could choose from …

There’s even a Dog – Run option for my occasional Cani-Cross.

Garmin Connect is there by default as the conduit from my watch to anything else.

Option-wise, I have Hike, Casual Walking, Speed Walking or just, plain old, Walking.

As you delve deeper into the site, it starts to appear more Strava-like with some sections only showing the holy trinity of Cycle, Run and Swim.

And for comparison, here is endomondo.

endomondo has many activities including treadmill walking and cani-cross.

I won’t dwell too much on endomondo because I’m getting rid of it.

At the moment, my favourite is MapMyWalk but I don’t have all my history on that platform and with ten year’s worth it could take quite a while to upload it all.

Because of where my data are at present (i.e. Connect, Endomondo & some on Strava) and the time that would be needed to upload and edit some 2,700+ activities, I think that it’ll be best to go with Garmin Connect.

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