Seventy Miles

Another early start with Misty and me leaving the front door at five to six this morning.

Following on from yesterday’s eighteen miler, the other half of the back-to-back weekend was another sixteen for today.

Nothing exciting, the usual three mile Water Orton Loop.

Very quiet so I let Misty off to have a good ol’ sniff.

Arriving back home after around fifty minutes, I rapidly swapped dogs and was off again – this time with Gabby.

We started the same, over the Motorways, Attleboro Lane to the park (one of two in Water Orton).

Instead of turning back along Plank Lane, we went in the opposite direction, along Vicarage Lane to the playing field and the second park.

Incidentally, because of the coronavirus restrictions, both parks were closed with red and white hazard tape adorning the swings, roundabouts and slides.

We continued to Gypsy Lane then turned back towards the village before diverting over the railway and past the field with the goats and sheep.

The lambs and kids are growing up nicely.

We clambered over the metal bridge then around the field to Marsh Lane. A short stint alongside the Tame (with obligatory doggy paddle) brought us to Old Church Road.

Across another railway bridge (the green one by The Dog) then back to Attleboro Lane and home.

All in all, over the two dog walks, we covered 8.4 miles and eight bridge crossings, three subways and one railway crossing.

None of the above was particularly quick, whether it was a culmination of miles this week, another early start, heavier footwear or something else but the best sixty minute stint could only produce 3.8 miles towards the LDWA coronavirus 100 challenge.

Back home, after breakfast, it was onto the treadmill for another 7.6 miles.

Here’s a little video. The quality is pretty awful – my iPhone was propped up on the treadmill so picks up every footfall !

I was using Zwift, as usual, and spent the next two hours walking around Harrogate.

Today’s perambulations brought my annual mileage up to 933 with a weekly total of 70.7 miles – the furthest for quite a while ( * ).

Looking at my planner, I should reach my #walk1000 miles around a week on Tuesday.


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