Eighteen Miles

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With the Virtual Y 100 Sir Fynwy only a couple of weeks away, this weekend is the last long walks weekend. Next week, with only a week to go, will only be a couple of ten milers.

For today, the plan called for eighteen miles. A little too far for the dogs so I decided to split the mileage between two dog walks (technically one outdoor exercise) and a stint on the treadmill.

Surprisingly, I awoke around ten to five feeling quite fresh. I let the dogs out into the garden whilst I got ready, resisting the urge to go back to bed.

I did a bit of ‘paperwork’ including adding a quick post to this blog then at a quarter to six, Misty and I left the house.

We headed for Parkfields and walked along the path behind the houses. I was able to let Misty off the lead as there wasn’t another soul in sight.

We continued to the end of the path before taking a quick tour of Castle Bromwich.

We arrived back at home just over an hour and 4.2 miles after we’d started.

A quick change of dogs and it was Gabby and I who left the house heading for Water Orton. This walk would be a bit longer so I made sure that I had water for Gabby.

I have a small collapsable water bowl and a 500ml water bottle, both of which fit into my walking belt. There is also a webbing strap at the front which slips through the loop on the dog’s lead. If needs be, the lead can be quickly released by pulling on the ‘RELEASE’ end of the strap.

This belt is great for walking as the arms are free and if the dog sees a squirrel, the pull is taken by the back and not by the arm.

We headed over the Motorways then along a still quiet Attleboro Lane into Water Orton. We followed the usual route across the playing field, past the refurbed Tennis club and out along Gypsy Lane.

Then it was under the M42, over the A446 then along the path to Coleshill Parkway railway station.

Here is a photo I took of Gabby in the sunlight on our return from Coleshill. We were on an enclosed path and there was nobody about so she is off her lead.

I posted a similar picture yesterday to which someone replied that they ( I assumed he and his wife from what followed ) told me that they had gone off dogs since his other half had been badly bitten by a loose dog.

I said that I was sorry to hear that then he replied that I wasn’t as sorry as she was and that she’d spent hours in A&E getting it sorted.

Now I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t one of my dogs that did this but still felt a little hurt that I was getting the blame and that I was only making it worse by posting a photo of two dogs off leash.

On a positive note, the photo has had twenty likes 🙂

Meanwhile, we made a loop just before the station and then retraced our steps to cover 6.2 miles. It was during the Gabby walk that I recorded my fastest sixty minutes of 4.1 miles.

LDWA Coronavirus 100 Challenge

Back home, I fed myself and the dogs before firing up the treadmill for the remaining 7.6 miles.

I found a course on Zwift of 7.7 miles and started. After the first quarter of a mile, it was obvious that the speed indicated was a lot slower than I was walking. I had calibrated it for running which would make walking a bit slower (it’s all to do with cadence). After two miles (or possibly more!) I stopped that walk, recorded the workout and re-calibrated my footpod for walking.

I chose another course and restarted. This time the speed was a lot closer – perhaps 0.1 mph out.

I continued until I had covered 5.6 miles then had a further 0.2 miles slowing down and cooling off.

All in all, I have walked 18.2 miles today taking my annual mileage over the nine hundred mile mark – 917 to be precise.

# WALK 1000 MILES in 2020

The best bit is that I’d done all of this before eleven o’clock. The day is still young.

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