Two Dogs and One Hundred Miles

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I had a pretty crap night with stomach pains but luckily the other half, God bless her, got up with the dogs early doors.

When I finally felt with it enough, I got up and so that I wouldn’t be out for too long, decided to take both dogs out together.

I knew that today’s walk wouldn’t be quick so chose not to push it and detoured into a local wood so that Gabby and Misty could have a good run around.

Which they did !

We retraced out steps from the wood and continued on one of our usual routes, over the Motorways then through Water Orton.

To add a little distance we walked past the church and shops before heading up the hill towards Castle Bromwich.

It was only around nine o’clock but was already quite warm, which the dogs were feeling, walking along with tongues hanging out.

Luckily, some kind soul had put a bowl of water out which was gratefully gulped down.

When we did get back home, we had covered just a smidge under four miles but had taken an hour and ten minutes to do it!

The fastest sixty minutes equated to 3.4 miles to go towards my LDWA Coronavirus 100. My total for the year stands a mile short of nine hundred miles.

LDWA Coronavirus 100 Challenge
# WALK 1000 MILES in 2020

A little later, around lunch time, I noticed on the LDWA facebook page a post declaring the Virtual Y 100 Sir Fynwy open.

Checking the accompanying instructions, I noticed that I had to pay / donate a £5 entry fee and then would receive an ID for the tracker system and a link to a special facebook page for the event.

I paid my entry and am awaiting my stuff. Details to follow.

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