Thoughts on the BIG 100

After the initial shock at the thought of walking one hundred miles over a weekend had declined, I started thinking about what it would involve.

If I do decide to go for it – the full instructions will be released on Friday – I would have to do the following …

I would break the distance down into chunks that mimic the legs in the proper event. So I would have fifteen parts ranging from 4.2 and 11.2 miles.

With the current coronavirus restrictions (which may be eased on Monday) it means that I could only go outside once a day.

If I do the longer legs (or combine shorter section) with the dogs, outside, that would leave around seventy miles to be done some other way, namely on the treadmill.

The longest, indoor, section would be 10.2 miles or around two and a half hours.

I have also assumed that the virtual checkpoints will be open for the same time as the real ones which would dictate the times by which I’d have to leave each one (i.e. start the next leg). I’m not sure that they’ll enforce that bit.

Luckily, being at home (or not too far away on the outdoor sections) has the benefit of not having to haul around a rucksack and all the other paraphernalia but having all the snack. drinks, meals, clothing etc. close at hand.

In preparation, I have moved the treadmill indoors from the conservatory. This worked out well as the other half wanted it out of the conservatory anyway.

Once all this coronavirus stuff is over with, I’m not sure that the treadmill can live in the home cinema.

At the moment, though, it means that I can have Zwift running on my 65″ TV with surround sound. Much better than my Macbook.

To keep me cool, I have a large pedestal fan in front of the tread.

To try and get somewhat ready for the mileage, I have added a few extra mile to the training schedule.

This meant that I walked 10.7 miles yesterday (6.5 with the dogs and 4.25 virtually around New York).

Today, we walked 5.3 before breakfast and a further 8.2 after work, again around New York.

We have an easy day tomorrow of four miles ahead of 18 and 16 over the weekend.

When the details of the Virtual Y100 Sir Fynwy are released tomorrow lunchtime, all me initial plan may well have to change -we’ll just have to wait and see.

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