Virtual Y100 Sir Fynwy

As well as the Coronavirus 100 Challenge, where participants have to walk (or run) 100 miles in May BUT only counting an hour a day, the LDWA has chosen to hold the annual Hundred, virtually.

Basically, if I take part, I will need to, ideally, walk ONE HUNDRED MILE over the weekend on 23-25 May (Bank Holiday).

However, with the Coronavirus restrictions, I shouldn’t be outside for longer than necessary. That means a lot of miles on the treadmill !

As the LDWA puts it …

So how do you fit in a hundred miles over a weekend when you can’t go out too much. Also, the treadmill is a bit noisy so walking through the night is out. Perhaps I could use those night-time hours for something more beneficial – like sleeping !

Preliminary planning goes something like this …

I usually take the dogs for a longish walk at the weekend totalling around ten miles for the pair of them so that’s legs to Checkpoint 1, between 5 and 7 and from CP 13 to the finish accounted for.

The rest will have to be done on the treadmill. So, as well as the LDWA tracker having me walking around South Wales, Zwift could record me as walking around New York or Harrogate and my trusty Garmin Fenix around Coleshill and Water Orton.

Positive points include…

  • The toilet is always handy
  • Drinks are at hand
  • Choice of refreshments
  • Change of clothes / shoes etc.
  • Support crew (other half) readily available
  • My own bed

It’s still a hundred miles but I have time, I think. Hopefully, I shall finish after walking the dogs (slowly) on Monday morning.


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