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Not a terribly exciting Sunday, walk-wise.

After getting my head around the LDWA Coronavirus One Hundred challenge, I decided on counting my last hour of todays excursion.

I picked this slot for a couple of reasons …

  • I’d be walking with the quicker dog, Gabby
  • I’d have warmed up a bit so should be moving quicker

First off, Misty and I did a slightly longer than the usual circuit of Water Orton, going down to Gypsy Lane then back along Coleshill Road.

We did gradually speed up, finishing our last mile in 15:17.

Back home, I striped off my fleece, swapped dogs and was back out of the door before you could say “Long Distance Walkers Association’s Coronavirus One Hundred Challenge!”

Gabby and I followed a similar route but made a figure of eight around Colehill Road / Gypsy lane just to mix it up a bit.

Checking the figures later, I discovered that Gabby and I did walk quicker than Misty and I.

As expected, the last four miles were the quicker and taking the final hour, resulted in a distance of 4.2 miles.

Incidentally, the first mile with either dog is the slowest as this usually involves more sniffing, weeing and pooping.

LDWA Coronavirus 100 Challenge
# WALK 1000 MILES in 2020

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