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This weekend should have been the Marshalls’ walk in preparation for this years’s LDWA One Hundred. Just so that those who are helping on the day of the hundred don’t miss out, the Marshalls’ walk takes place a few weeks before the main event.

However, neither the Marshalls’ Walk nor the Hundred proper (along with many other events) is not taking place this year.

Instead, some bright spark has come up with the idea of a virtual Hundred. Now it’s not so simple, nor gruelling, as doing one hundred miles on your own over the weekend of 23-25 May.

The idea of a virtual Hundred was floated on the LDWA facebook page and after a lot of interest, decided on a format for the challenge.

Although not official government advice, the LDWA have seized upon the notion of only an hours exercise per day. After a few conversations on facebook, it has been agreed that ONE HOUR of one’s daily exercise can count towards a May monthly target.

As the LDWA puts it …

… each day log how far you have walked or run (to the nearest tenth of a mile) during an hour of your regular daily exercise into the spreadsheet in the appropriate column, be it round your garden, on a local route or on a treadmill.

At the end of May all participants will receive a Certificate showing the distance they have covered.

The organisers have set up a Google spreadsheet for all participants to log their mileage with a running total set up.

It is a bit of a fiddle working out which hour of a longer walk, or run, should count to give the maximum distance but it can be done. For example, today’s walk of 8.2 miles comprised of walking Misty for four miles the Gabby the same (or there abouts). With Gabby being the faster dog, I just chose the last hour of my walk, resulting in a distance 4.2 miles.

LDWA Coronavirus 100 Challenge

To achieve a hundred miles, participants need to cover, on average, just over three miles per day, every day.

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