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Following on from our Lockdown 5k earlier in the month, I noticed on the Cani-sports Scotland facebook page that they’re doing another one.

This one’s called TheRebecca Johnson Memorial Virtual 5k and will be held on 6th June.

I’ve booked Gabby and myself in and paid our £5.

Misty is still too young to run – we need to wait until she has stopped growing before getting her to pull in the harness. She was born somewhere around early April 2019 and being a big breed means that we’ll need to wait until this time next year.

As it should be starting to warm up around April / May we may have to postpone until autumn 2021.

Gabby should be fine but I’ve got five weeks to get run-fit. With dog walks taking up my outdoor exercise allowance, I think that the treadmill may take a bit of a hammering.

Perhaps we may be able to squeeze the odd morning run in – with a bit of luck.

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