Smiths Wood & New York

Sticking with the lockdown restrictions, I walked the dogs, in turn, to the next village, namely Water Orton.

We had a light drizzle to keep us cool but not too wet that the dogs soaked the house on their returns.

Just over six miles were walked leaving me with a tad under two to complete on the treadmill later.

Using Zwift on the treadmill makes it a little less boring with virtual landscapes to walk through. But where could I go today ?

I found a list of all the regions and routes (HERE), sorted them by distance and chose Shuman Loop Trail in the Big Apple at 1.6 miles long.

After a day in the virtual office aka Working from Home, I got ready for my virtual walk.

I had a bit of setting up to do to get my foot-pod to talk to my laptop, my Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) to converse with the laptop via my newly acquired ANT+ USB dongle and finally get the laptop and iPhone to get chatting.

I started the Zwift app, paired everything up and started my walk around Central Park NYC.

Zwift usually has a couple of, what they call worlds, available to exercise in but with a little hackery (or an app that lets you set various parameters) you can take your pick of the half dozen or so. Picking a non-featured world usually means that no-one else is exercising there so no pesky cyclists everywhere !

I managed my 1.6 miles even though Zwift said that I’d finished the route at 1.55 (rounding errors). I continued walking, gradually slowing down the treadmill, as a cool down, until I’d reached two miles. Then I stopped.