Gabby’s Medal

Just over a week after finishing our first Cani-cross event, an envelope dropped through the letterbox.

It was addressed to Kev Baldry – Gabby. I knew what this was !

I excitedly tore open the paper package to reveal a shiny BRONZE MEDAL.

This was for our 5k virtual run. we ran 5k (3.11 miles) then sent of proof of our time and the following day I was surprised to learn that we had come third in our category of Male 60+ (that’s for the runner, not the dog!)

If nothing else, it got us out running again and I have since gone on to do a few treadmill sessions with Zwift.

Gabby wasn’t too keen on having our gong around her neck (it wasn’t much good to her – she couldn’t eat it!) but did get her to sit long enough for a photo.


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