After a lazy start, and I don’t know why, I decided to take BOTH dogs out together.

Individually, they walk on a loose lead but together they usually compete to be lead dog and I end up with one arm longer than the other !

Like I say, I don’t know what came over me but just after seven the three of us left the house.

We walked along the cycle path then continued along the bank up to Shetland Walk, where we turned left, over the Collector Road and into the countryside.

Once away from the roads, I let them off their leads and off they shot tanking off over the fields.

I did manage to reign them in enough to grab a photo of the pair of them together – not an easy task. It didn’t last long and they were away.

Not surprisingly, Misty found some water in the shape of a small tributary of the River Cole.

Being easily lead, Gabby followed her in and they had a great time splashing up and down the culvert.

Playtime over (for now) I put them back on their leads as we approached the roads leading to Coleshill.

The sun was out, the birds were singing and all was well with the world.

From Coleshill, we followed the line of a public footpath, straight across a field of newly planted something or other. Ideally, we should have gone around the edge of the field but there was no room between hedge and crop. I could see the gate at the other corner of the field so we took the direct route.

As we passed through the gate we came across a chap walking in the opposite direction. He mentioned that the path was not very well trodden and I explained that we had just cut straight across what would be his next field. “That’s where I’m going,” he exclaimed, “that’s where the footpath goes!”

We bid each other a good day and passed, keeping our two metres apart*.

The dogs ran ahead, finding more water, this time that water being the Cole.

I did manage to coax them out and pose for another shot.

The calm didn’t last for long and they were off again, chasing each other until the next stretch of water.

The next stretch wasn’t so much of a stretch as a lazy sprawl. A lazy sprawl of dirty, smelly and very wet mud. There would be no more water before home in which to clean them so it looked like bath-time later.

After another field we were back on the pavement so it was back on with the leads, through Gilson and on towards Water Orton.

On the outskirts of Water Orton, we turned down Gypsy Lane to see a man with two dogs saying hello to some horses in the adjacent field.

As he moved away, we moved in. Gabby likes horses and always has to have a sniff whenever she comes across any. Today was no exception.

The slightly tatty looking, brown pony, is relatively new to this field. The other two have been here for donkeys’ years !

The puppies had a final mad dash around within the confines of the playing field before it was back on with the leads for the final mile and a bit.

We finally arrived home after six and a half miles and two and a bit hours.

The dogs were just starting a flag a little but I bet they could still find some energy if they had the chance to run around again. They didn’t get that chance but had something even better – breakfast.


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