The Results are in !

Gabby and I took part in our first cani-cross race yesterday.

Obviously, with the coronavirus lockdown it was a virtual race but even so, it gave us something to work towards, necessitating me having to run.

Gabby and I haven’t run for a few months and with minimal training (we went out for a run/walk session on Friday) we didn’t quite know how we’d cope.

Actually, we coped quite well, finishing our 5k course in 30:14.

Even though all the two hundred and fifty competitors (plus dogs) each ran their own race from their homes, it did have a bit of an event feel to it.

Today, at half twelve, after collecting and correlating the times, the results were announced via facebook. I’d just like to say a big thank you to Cani Sports Scotland for putting in all the hard work, so that we could all take part. Gabby thanks you as well.

I’m sorry that I can only link to the facebook post but when it opens, it’s the video on the left.

Should you wish to whizz along to 8:30, you will hear Gabby and I being awarded our THIRD PRIZE in the Male 60+ age group.

I’m not sure but I think that we get a special metal medal for finishing where we did.

Overall, we finished in 119th place out of 202. Not bad for our first cani-cross event. We’ll have to try a proper one, hopefully later in the year.

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