Sunday Walks

I really, really, really wanted a lie-in this morning.

The dogs, Gabby in particular, really, really, really didn’t want a lie-in.

They’d had me up at four, half five and again at half six. The last time, I gave up but wasn’t going to go walkies straight away – they could wait.

I attended to some paperwork, made a start on the Independent crossword and then decided that it was time for walkies.

As is usually the case, Misty was first out of the blocks.

With her leg back to normal, I decided to go that little bit further and take Misty to Water Orton for a paddle in the Tame. We would take it nice and easy.

We took the usual route, over the motorways and down Attleboro Lane, across the park and along to the packhorse bridge.

i think that Misty was pleasantly surprised to see the water and being let of her lead.

She was straight in and spent five or ten minutes splashing, shaking and generally getting us both wet.

We made our way back, seeing the only one car on the bridge today, to the green girder bridge next to The Dog.

From the other side of the tracks, we retraced our earlier step and arrived back at base, clocking up three and a half miles. That was enough for Misty.

I changed dogs and was soon back out of the door with Gabby.

We made our way to Bacons End then down the hill, past what was The British Legion to nip under the Collector Road.

In the fields the other side, Gabby just stopped. She was looking at something. It was only a couple of dogs across the river but she was dead still. So still that I just had to take her picture.

I let her have a splash around by the stepping stones before continuing on, climbing back up the hill to Coleshill Road, passing a burnt out go-kart.

Sorry, but I had to take a picture, the rust contrasted so well with the verdant grass.

We headed for Coleshill until the turning for Coleshill Hall which we took to the public footpath leading back towards Shetland Walk.

At the end of the footpath, instead of going straight up, we skirted around the field which was a good move as we passed a little wooded area full of blue bells and some white flowers (probably wild garlic?).

After crossing the M6 for the forth time this morning we were opposite Shetland walk which was taken. From here it was normal fare to Smiths Wood but we did make a slight detour for the final part – just to mix it up !

All in all, I had covered nine and a half miles; three and a half with Misty and the rest with Gabby.

The track looks a bit haphazard but having to take all walks from home you need to be a little inventive.

It was late morning when we got back and after breakfast, we all settled down to get a little bit of that lie-in that was denied me earlier.


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