Lockdown 5k

Today, after a few false starts, I managed to get out of bed and resist the temptation to return to it.

My entries on endomondo for today would make you think that I’d been out and about four times in contravention of the Government’s Covid-19 guidance.

However, it was all ONE session (honest guv’nor!).

A mile and a half with Misty – in the drizzle. Her leg is back to normal as can be seen from the way she tanks off, given the chance.

Back home, harness Gabby up and back out of the door for a warm up before the main event. This short walk gave Gabbs enough time to perform her toilet so she wouldn’t be making any abrupt stops.

Suitably relieved, I reset the watch, pressed start and gave Gabby the all important “GO!” command.

We were off.

We were, believe it or not, taking part in a 5k race. Obviously, there was no-one else running with us – it was a virtual race.

Each competitor in the Lockdown 5k has to run the distance on Saturday 18th April. After finishing times and proof have to be sent to the organiser who will correlate all the times to produce a list of finishers.

We managed very well, completing the 5k (3.11 Miles) in just over thirty minutes (30:14), having run the whole way.

We saw hardly a soul and those few who did see us must have wondered what the hell we were doing – a dog running around and dragging a bloke behind on a bungee – in the pouring rain!

Whatever !

Keeping an eye on the watch, at 3.11 miles, I hit the stop button and we slowed to a walk.

Elapsed Time Moving Time Distance Average Speed Max Speed Calories Burned

Cool down. We had a half mile cool down arriving home to a dry towel and breakfast.

Once back to normal, I emailed our time and a snapshot from Endomondo to the organiser.

I also posted the photo, above, to the Cani-Sports Scotland’s (CSS) facebook page. It’s had lots of likes.

I kept checking the CSS page throughout the day and was impressed with all the photos of fellow competitors. Nowhere near the same as a proper, in the flesh, event but fun none the less and a definite motivator to get Gabby and, more importantly, me running again.

We’ve just got to wait for the results – Gabby is containing her excitement very well.


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