Canicross Again

Up early – not much choice !

Took Misty out for a just under two mile walk before dropping her off back at home.

Gabby was raring to go but had to wait whilst I put here into her running harness which I then clipped onto the stretchy lead. We were going running.

We started off walking to warm her up before I gave her the “Go!” command.

It had been a while since we had run together but she seemed to remember and took off ahead. The slack was let out of the lead and we were off – Man and Dog in perfect harmony !

As it had been a while for both of us, we made this a run/walk, or even a walk/run session of just under two miles.

Gabby ran well, probably better than I did but we both managed alright. Best of all Gabby seemed to really enjoy it.

Why on Earth were we running, I hear you ask – go on, ask !

Tomorrow, we are taking part in a virtual Canicross event – The Lockdown 5k.

Organised by Cani-sports Scotland, competitors each run the 5k from home then email the organiser with their time and proof that the run had been completed.

At the end of the day, the result will be correlated and final positions posted on the web. There will even be prize giving, live, on Sunday.

Of course, being a “proper” event, there will be medals.


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