Harrogate Again

With Misty’s leg definitely on the mend, we managed a mile and a bit before I swapped puppies then added a couple of miles with Gabby, including a stretch through Smiths Wood, resplendent with Bluebells.

Both walks were done locally, of course, due to the Covid-19 restrictions. In the future we may wonder what these restrictions were all about.

As a recap, from the government’s website …

So, I’m only allowed out once a day for exercise and that is dog-walking.

After my three miles in the morning, my training plan called fro a further seven miles. As I couldn’t go outside again, it would have to be on the treadmill.

With the Laptop, iPhone and treadmill in place, I chose a course around Harrogate and pressed start.

Technically, there isn’t an actual start button, instead, I start the treadmill then when it’s up to speed, I just start walking. Zwift picks up the signal from my footpad saying that I am moving and the app starts from then.

I gradually upped the speed until I was rocking along at around 4mph (15 min/mile) which I maintained for the next hour and forty minutes.

I had picked a “Tour of Tewit Well” that was 6.8 miles long. When I, finally, dipped under the finish banner, I slowed down the treadmill and kept slowing it, step by step, as a cool down, reaching seven miles before hitting stop.

Seven miles is the furthest I’ve done on the treadmill. I was glad when it was over but was thankful that with Zwift it wasn’t nearly as boring as it could have been.


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