Yorkshire Yomp

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Misty is still very much recovering so wasn’t taken out for walkies this morning.

Gabby was taken out, though, and we started by walking down the cycle path to Arran Way before continuing along the bund until we got to Shetland Walk.

From here we sort of made it up as we went along, going along Chester Road to The Toby Jug before diving into Smith’s Wood, along Landrail Walk and back home.

All in all, around three and a half miles, leaving four and a half to do on the treadmill later.

In the afternoon, after work (from home), I fired up the treadmill and Zwift on the laptop.

Today’s location was chosen to be Yorkshire, or more precisely, Harrowgate.

I set a goal of five miles and started everything going. I slowly ramped up the speed until Zwift reckoned I was moving at a tad over 4 mph. and I kept this pace for an hour and a bit until I’d reached my set distance.

That’s the furthest I’ve walked on the treadmill and it wasn’t too bad. Zwift really helps to beat the boredom.

# WALK 1000 MILES in 2020

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