What a Great Morning

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Misty’s limp isn’t getting any better so we had to pay the vet a visit, yesterday. After much feeling around her hind quarters, the vet reckons that is most likely a femoral head fracture but needs x-rays to confirm his diagnosis.

After a short walk around the block with misty, she was left to rest whilst Gabby and I headed for Water Orton.

There was a, big, almost full moon looming over the horizon as we crossed a quiet M6 with Gabby running off ahead.

Apparently there’s what they call a pink supermoon forecast for this evening.

A little confusing as the moon will not actually be pink. The colour in the name comes from folklore as this time of year usually sees the spring flowers coming out.

The ‘super’ part is because the moon is full and at it’s closest point to the Earth (only 222,000 Miles away).

With the moon going down on my left, a new, golden sun was rising over my other shoulder, promising a lovely sunny day.

We crossed the park and headed for the field with the goats but had to wait for a train to go by before crossing the railway to check on said goat.

After checking out the goat, and accompanying sheep, we crossed the other railway line by the bridge.

Coming down the other side, I could see a bank of mist hovering over the River Tame so that was our next destination.

We crossed Marsh lane and into the mist heading towards the river.

As we walked alongside the fence surrounding the fishing pond, I noticed the glow of the rising sun shining through the mist, lighting up the water and just had to stop to grab a photo.

We continued past the fishing pond and up into the ridge, turning left to head back to Water Orton. As we traversed the ridge, I glanced back, only to be rewarded with another atmospheric view of the early sun.

As Gabby stole into view, I whipped out the iPhone and captured this …

At the end of the field, we made our way past the railway station and took the footpath from the end of St. Paul’s Court to the new school.

From here, we continued around my Water Orton Loop, namely along Plank Lane then up the hill to Park Hall School. We took the path alongside The Collector Road and through Lanchester Park to arrive home an hour and a half after setting off.

That was a really enjoyable walk, seeing the big moon and the atmospheric sunrise through the mist. The grass was glistening with a light dusting of frost. It was one of those walks that makes getting out of bed worthwhile.

In the afternoon, I RAN a couple of miles on the treadmill before a more leisurely 1.2 mile walk.

# WALK 1000 MILES in 2020

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