Scottish Highlands Walk

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Well that was today’s main walk.

Obviously, I wasn’t daft enough to drive all the way to Bonny Scotland but I did manage a walk in those hills.

Continuing with my treadmill tinkering, I downloaded an app called RunSocial to an iPad which lets you walk / run a virtual landscape.

The clever thing about this app is that you can pair it with a sensor so you move through the virtual landscape at the speed that you are walking on the treadmill.

I have ordered a foot pod which should arrive this week.

It is called a Zwift and I can connect it to the iPad then trot along on the treadmill whilst my virtual self can explore the world.

The RunSocial app lets me choose between different areas, including Scotland (obvs!), Death Valley, Switzerland and even The London Marathon.

Zwift also have a similar app where I can walk in thier virtual world called Watopia or a guest city (currently New York).

If you’re wondering about the treadmill photo, let me explain a few things …

The vertical bars are from an elliptical trainer (nothing to do with the treadmill but a handy place to wedge an iPad).
The conservatory is also home to Love Birds and a storeroom for animal feeds.

I also managed about three miles with the dogs this morning. Nice !

# WALK 1000 MILES in 2020

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