Sunday Summary

Saturday morning and I took, first Misty then Gabby, around the Water Orton circuit.

A sign of how deserted the streets are is that I was able to walk both dogs off lead for almost a mile due to the lack of both people and cars.

It was a bit sad as we walked past the playground at Water Orton to see the swings, slide and other items taped off with signs telling people to keep off.

In the afternoon I took part in the Barkley Marathons – sort of !

In reality, I was walking on the treadmill whilst watching a video (LINK) about the Barkley Marathons. I’m still not too sure as to the accuracy of the treadmill’s readout nor my watch when not relying on the GPS.

On Friday, I wore my Fenix 5 for the treadmill session and I’m not sure but I think that the watch read short.

The next time, I tried the vivosmart which seemed a little closer.

The trouble with using a watch is that it depends on you moving your arms. So if you stop to use a towel or take a sip from a bottle, the walk is not being recorded correctly.

There used to be a little gizmo called a foot pod that fits on to your shoe and this calculates the distance that you’ve travelled. However this handy item is no longer available. Garmin make a replacement called a Running Dynamics Pod. This thing measures cadence, bounce – all sorts of things but I’m not sure that it actually measures distance – it doesn’t say !

Sunday morning, after adjusting to the clocks going forward, I took Misty out for a two mile loop taking in Arran Way.

It’s usually fairly quiet when I go out but with the lockdown restrictions, it is now very quiet.

On the whole of the walk, I saw probably half a dozen people.

After transitioning dogs, Gabby and I started off towards Water Orton.

The weather must be swinging around to warm as many of the puddles have dried up meaning that the dogs and I can get out into the countryside without getting caked in mud – nice !

At Water Orton, we diverted across the railway and into the field alongside Marsh Lane.

From Marsh Lane, we walked around the carpark of The Dog Inn and spotted a sign that was shouting out “Photo-Op!”

From here, we re-crossed the railway before retracing our steps up Attleboro lane and back to base.

The two walks, together, came to six miles – just as the plan called for.


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