What a Week

Still only in week one of what could be be many weeks of lockdown.

I work in essential services so can travel to work, if I really need to. Luckily, I can do most things from home.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) - what you need to know - Public health matters

I haven’t had to brave the supermarkets since last Saturady although I’m told that things are easing – Morrison’s car park was only half filled when I drove past on Wednesday.

Walking-wise, I still need to redraw my long term training plan as most of the events that I was taking part in (Charnwood, A Coventry Way, Rotary Across Wales Walk) have been cancelled or postponed.

With no big events, I can cut down on my mileage which also means that I’ll be away from home less.

I have resurrected my old treadmill so I can squeeze in a few extra miles without having to leave the house – we’re only allowed ONE period of exercise per day.

Wednesday, I did a couple of laps of Water Orton, one with each dog. I did the two laps back to back and I’m counting that as ONE exercise period.

We were blessed with some gorgeous early morning sunshine on our walks.

The motorways were very quiet as I crossed over.

Yesterday, I delayed our walk until late afternoon and took Misty around the Arran Way loop, clocking up a couple of miles.

After the transition, Gabby and I did a bit of a figure of eight going over to Water Orton Road, before cutting back to Lanchester Park then along Alvis Walk.

There are a number of rainbow pictures appearing in the windows of the houses that we walked past.

Many, if not all, of these have been drawn by children forced to stay safe indoors to minimise the spread of the Coronavirus.

This morning, we did two laps of The Shetland Walk, clocking up another 5.4 miles.

It was a little misty (not the dog – she’s a big Misty) when we started with a light frost on the ground.

I managed another two and a bit on the treadmill in the afternoon.


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