Still in lockdown and only being allowed out once a day to exercise, I have had to resort to a bit of indoor exercise.

I managed 2 x 3M with the dogs this morning but that was my outdoor exercise allowance used up.

We have had a treadmill for a few years but probably like a lot of people, once the novelty had worn off, it got shoved up a corner to gather dust.

A few weeks ago, I was considering taking it into work to use during breaks.

I never actually got around to it – luckily !

Image result for carl lewis treadmill

This machine has a somewhat dated LED display – no touch screens here – very old school !

It also does kilometres so I had to do a few calculations before I started.

Now 4 mph , or 15 minute miles, is roughly 6.4 kph.

I started slowly, warming up the legs then gradually ramping up the speed to, what seemed a rather quick, 6.4.

I had also set my Garmin to Walk (Treadmill) and had started that at around the same time.

The watch and treadmill were roughly similar with the watch a little behind – I did have to pause once so I’ll have to try a proper ‘calibration’ walk sometime.

Overall, I got up to two miles then gradually ramped the speed down as a cool down.

On the whole, the exercise was not too boring having a Talk Ultra podcast to listen to. Perhaps I can rig an iPad up to give me something to look at ?


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