The Day The Lockdown Arrived

It was bound to happen.

Because of the C-word, people were ASKED to stay out of the pubs.
People did not.
People were FORCED to stay out of the pubs (pubs closed) !

People were asked not to mingle.
People went out in hoards.
People have been FORCED to stay in doors !

The people, are allowed out to

  • Shop for Essential Supplies
  • Go to Work if absolutely necessary
  • Buy Medicines
  • Tend to Vulnerable People
  • Exercise – Once per day !

So how is going out to exercise once a day going to work, when you have two dogs who are used to going out morning and night ?

My own training can be wound down as I’m not training for any event at present – mainly because they’ve all been cancelled.

I could go out in the morning with, say, dog A and when I arrive back home, without stopping or going indoors, get an assistant to take Dog A from me and hand me Dog B for her walk.

Each dog would get their normal walk and I would get my morning exercise (miles) in.

But what about the evening walk ?

I may have to press the other half into action to do similar, with me handling the transition !

I have a treadmill gathering dust which I may have to press into action – for me – I’m not sure how the dogs would react !

I’ve just Googled for a humorous picture of a dog on a treadmill and have discovered that there are real doggie treadmill and even videos showing you how to train your pooch to use a treadmill.

Would you Adam and Eve it ?

Image result for dog treadmill


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