It’s been an odd week

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The start of the week sees the coronavirus (a.k.a. Covid-19) crisis worsen with people being asked not to visit pubs, restaurants and other social gatherings. Good job we went to The Griffin last Sunday!

With people being asked to work from home wherever possible, we make plans at work for those of us who can, to do so; starting on Wednesday.

A Coventry Way has decided to cancel so that’s another event that I won’t be taking part in. The Charnwood Marathon was cancelled last week.

My next biggie is the Rotary Across Wales Walk which is due in June is still on – at the moment !

Walk-wise, it’s been the usual dog walk but on Thursday, I was offered a lift to Solihull Hospital and I walked back from there.

I walked through the hospital grounds before following a path between the houses and emerging opposite the Greville Arms.

Another half a mile or so around the houses and I was able to drop down onto the Grand Union Canal, heading back towards Lode Lane which I’d previously driven along en-route to the hospital.

After a mile of canal, I ascended to the aforementioned Lode Lane, past Land Rover before selecting a path skirting the mighty JLR site to emerge at Elmdon Park.

My route from a sunny Elmdon Park followed Hatchford Brook before crossing the approach to Birmingham Airport. I did see one plane whereas it would usually have been a lot busier. Another consequence of Covid-19.

Hatchford Brook joins up with Westley Brook before diving under the airport.

I continued alongside the brook before it was joined by a small tributary (Low Brook) to become Kingshurst Brook. Kingshurst Brook is all of a mile long from Low Brook to Meriden Park in Chelmsely Wood where it joins the River Cole – it doesn’t even get as far as Kingshurst !

I passed Chelmsley Wood Shopping Centre dominated by a huge ASDA store before entering Meriden Park.

This Meriden Park is one of at least two in Solihull, the other adjoins Brueton Park near Solihull town centre and is home to a parkrun every Saturday.

The brook bulges out a bit in this Meriden park and some works seem to be going on judging by the metal barrier that has been erected across the lake.

Exiting the park by crossing Kingshurst Brook, I spied a brightly painted dragonfly – not a real one but a sculpture stuck up on a pole.

Another couple of miles, along familiar paths and I was back home.

As I was all warmed up after my nine and a miles from Solihull, I continued walking by taking the pooches out for another two and a half miles bringing the daily total up to fifteen miles.

# WALK 1000 MILES in 2020

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