Lazy Sunday ?

After clocking up a few miles over the last couple of days, Sunday should be a day of rest.

But REST is a relative term. For someone who walks a mile in a week, doing bugger all would constitute a rest. However for me, eight miles counts as a rest.

I decided to split up my eight miles to accommodate dog walks so it worked out as …

Misty (a.m.)3 miles
Gabby (a.m.)3 miles
Misty (p.m.)1 mile
Gabby (p.m.)1 mile

Looking out of the front door, I noticed that it was raining so, ideally, I’d need my waterproof shoes.

Obviously, I didn’t get anything as gaudy as neon pink.

I cut out the old laces and threaded the new ones through the eyelets before assembling the locking device and terminating the laces with another piece of plastic.

Once both shoes had been re-laced, I slipped them on along with my waterproof coat and took Misty out for her three miler.

We did the Water Orton circuit, crossing a quiet M6. Further on I noticed a road sign advising that Attleboro Lane would be closed later in the month because of that there HS2.

Unfortunately, one of the dogs had chewed through the special laces on my Salomon Goretex boots.

Fortunately, I’d ordered and received a replacement kit.

We got back after the best part of an hour and I towelled the dog down before swapping to Gabby.

We walked out to the fields behind Parkfields where Gabby was able to run off the lead.

When we arrived back, it was another towel job before the three of us had breakfast.

The rest of the day was very easy, with a slap-up Sunday dinner.

After the Sunday evening obligatory visit to the pub, it was another mile each for the hounds before beddybyes.


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