This may not be the last post to mention Covid-19 but even the niche world of Long Distance Walking is being influenced by the Corona Virus.

I spotted a post on Facebook about the Fellsman event being cancelled due to the virus, so I checked out the official Fellsman site (LINK) only to find that it is true.

The reasons given, and I paraphase here, are

  • Possible self-isolation of volunteers
  • Inability to secure provisions
  • Using a school, which may be closed, as HQ
  • Congregations of walkers at checkpoints
  • Cost if event is cancelled after major outlays(not yet paid).

I’m guessing that this will not be the only event to be cancelled.

I have the Charnwood Marathon in a couple of weeks, so I’ve just checked that website. Not good news …

The Rotary Club of Blaby Meridian regretfully announce that it has been necessary to postpone the Charnwood Marathon 2020 which was originally due to take place on 28th March 2020. Our voluntary members support the event through stewardship and registration of attendees on the day. Due to the current risk of Coronavirus, we want to safeguard the health of our members and all attendees and as such have decided to postpone the event to the 10th October 2020.

Bugger !

At least I can try in October – let’s check the diary …

… October … 10th … Round Rotherham !!!

Double Bugger !!

At least there is an email address to request a refund. Unfortunately, does not exist !!!


Let’s check to see if the “A Coventry Walk” is still go.

At the moment it’s still on but I’ll have to keep an eye on this.


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